How to Make Living Quarters in a Storage Shed

A storage shed can provide suitable living quarters with a few modifications.
A storage shed can provide suitable living quarters with a few modifications. (Image: shed image by robert mobley from

A storage shed can be turned into simple living quarters with the addition of a few pieces of furniture and household items. While a storage shed might not be the ideal living space, it can serve as suitable living quarters when staying at a friend or family member’s home for an extended period of time. Living quarters provide a place of privacy to eat, sleep and relax. However, if you plan to turn a storage shed into living quarters, be sure to check your state and county regulations first to ensure it is legal.

Things You'll Need

  • Space heater
  • Table lamp
  • Bed or mattress
  • Desk or coffee table

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Storage Shed Living Quarters

Clear an area to be designated as the living quarters. To have comfortable living quarters, you must have space to walk, move and live.

Place the mattress or bed in a back corner. A bed against the corner is out of the way and allows for easier heating or cooling of the space during the night.

Position the table against the wall on which the power outlet is located. This allows for the table lamp to be safely plugged in and stationed on the desk.

Place the table lamp on top of the desk and plug in. If the lamp is the only light source for the area, choose a high wattage bulb to provide a higher amount of light.

Plug in the space heater or fan in an area where it can centrally heat or cool the room. In order to receive maximum temperature results from the unit, always keep doors and windows shut when it is plugged in.

Tips & Warnings

  • If there is no power outlet in the shed, substitute with an extension cord plugged into a house or generator.
  • A miniature refrigerator may also be added.
  • Never leave the heater or fan plugged in overnight, as this poses dangerous electrical fire risks.
  • Depending on the climate where you live, sleeping in a shed may not be suitable.
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