How to Make a Matador Costume

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The Spanish matador is a flashy figure who swirls a cape and dances away from the charging bull as the crowd cheers. Putting together a DIY matador costume for cosplay or a Halloween party is fairly simple using capri-length pants or leggings, a white shirt and a bolero jacket with plenty of glitter and glam. Add a brightly colored cape and you're almost ready for the party.


Gather the Spanish bullfighter basics

Start with the jacket and pants. Matadors are known for their flashy gear. Select a pair of capri-length slacks; cut-off jeggings or leggings in your favorite color of black, blue or red; and a matching cropped blazer or bolero jacket with shoulder pads. If you can find one at a local outlet or thrift store, a vintage cropped brocade jacket with matching or black pants is the perfect basis for your bullfighter costume.


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Add a button-up white dress shirt—ruffles are a plus—with a collar. Tuck it into your pants when you dress for the evening. A formal or tuxedo waistcoat vest in a matching or complementary color made of paisley or solid silk or satin adds an expensive flourish.

Bring on the bling

Check the bins at the fabric store for rolls of sparkling trim and/or lace—the more, the better to bring on the bling. Use fabric glue or iron on interfacing to attach the sparkling bits down the arms of the jacket and sides of the pants.


Don't forget gold and/or silver metal shoulder epaulets with tassels. Add more sequins, tassels and other embellishments to the entire outfit.

Finish with flashy accessories

If you can't find a matador hat locally, check online vendors, like Amazon and Etsy. If the matador hats won't work or don't fit, try a plain black gaucho or black fedora flat top. Bling it up to match your outfit. Glue pompom tassels around the rim and add more of the sparkling trim from your pants and jacket to replace the hat ribbon.


Put on brightly colored tights and pointed-toe ballet flats or men's Romero flats in black. Fling the red cape over your shoulder and carry a silver slender-blade sword. If you have long hair, slick it back into a bun or braid it and add a bit of ribbon at each end for a little extra sparkle.


Assemble a budget-friendly Halloween costume

If time and budget are not on your side, your matador costume can still be the hit of the party. Put together brightly colored tights or white socks, black capris, a white shirt and a black cropped jacket or suit jacket. Add a little gold trim down the sides of the pants and down the arms if you have it and have time for the glue to dry.


Put on a black hat with a gold ribbon, low black loafers, sneakers or high heels. Add a red cape and you'll be instantly recognizable in your matador costume, even without the extra bling. Tie up your hair and off you go with your friends and family.



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