How to Remove Black Oxide

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Things You'll Need

  • Soap

  • Hydrochloric acid, 30 percent

  • Cloth

  • Glass container

  • Water

  • Tongs

  • Rust preventative

Black oxide is used to cover metal objects.

Black oxide is an inexpensive finish that is used to protect metal objects, such as golf clubs or tools. It protects the metal from moisture and humidity and prevents rust. The appearance of black oxide on any metal object is a uniform black finish. When black oxide is not applied properly, it can result in variations in color, flaking or the development of rust. If rust development or flaking occurs, black oxide should be removed from the object.


Step 1

Wash the object from which the black oxide will be removed. Remove all grease, dirt and other materials off to avoid an oily surface after removal of black oxide.

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Step 2

Pour a 30 percent hydrochloric acid solution into the glass container. The glass container should be large enough for the item to fit inside.


Step 3

Dip the object into the hydrochloric acid solution. Use tongs to avoid getting the hydrochloric acid on skin. Allow the item to sit in the acid for a few minutes.

Step 4

Pull the object out and rinse it with plain water. Observe the item to determine if the black oxide is completely removed. If not, dip the object into hydrochloric acid again, and repeat the process until the black oxicde is completely removed.


Step 5

Rinse the object and dry it immediately with a towel. Apply a rust preventative to prevent the item from rusting. Rust preventatives will have different instructions based on the brand and type, but generally it can be applied with a cloth.


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