How to Determine the Age of Ariens Garden Tractors

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Things You'll Need

  • Serial number

  • Model number

Ariens lawn maintenance products are manufactured in Wisconsin.

Ariens, an American company founded in 1933, manufactures lawn and garden maintenance products, snow removal products and power equipment. According to the company, Ariens garden tractors are riding mowers that feature powerful engines and hydrostatic drive systems. Ariens sells garden tractors in the United States, Canada and Europe through private dealerships and in select home improvement stores.


Step 1

Look on the front left or front right while in the operator position of the garden tractor.

Look for the model and serial number on the garden tractor. According to the company, this can be found on the front left or front right side of the tractor frame. It may also be located on the right side of the dash support. The Ariens model and serial number indicates the year Ariens manufactured the garden tractor.


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Step 2

Ariens customer service states that the model identification number begins with a "9."

Call Ariens customer service number, 920-756-4688, and give the customer service representative the model number and serial number of the garden tractor. The customer service representative can access this information in the company database and will not have to return your call.


Step 3

Remember to include your contact information if you email Ariens customer service.

Email customer service at [email protected] with the model number and serial number. Both of these numbers will be six-digit numbers.


Step 4

Replacement parts for an Ariens garden tractor can be purchased through the dealership.

Wait for a response if you choose to email instead of call customer service. This should take approximately two to three business days.


You can locate an Ariens dealer through the company website.


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