How to Make a Baseball Bat Paper Towel Roll

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel rolls, three

  • Duct tape

  • Toilet paper or paper towels

  • Aluminum foil

Use the inside of a paper towel roll to craft your very own baseball bat.

The game of baseball uses three main pieces of equipment: a bat, a baseball and a glove. While you will need these three items to play on a proper diamond, sometimes you can play a variation of a baseball game in a smaller space using homemade crafts. In fact, you can build a functional baseball bat with just some of the items you have around your house. Then challenge friends to a game of "home-run derby."


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Step 1

Connect the three paper towel rolls together by duct taping each end together. Wrap duct tape around each end several times so that it is sealed well.

Step 2

Stuff toilet paper or paper towels inside the paper towel rolls. Because the paper towel rolls are hollow, you want to firm up the insides. The toilet paper or paper towels will give the bat support. Place tape over each end once it is stuffed.


Step 3

Tape the paper towel rolls from top to bottom with additional duct tape until it is completely covered. This will give additional support to the bat.

Step 4

Wrap aluminum foil around the duct tape. Wrap more aluminum foil around the top of the paper towel roll and lessen the amount gradually as you work toward the handle. You are building a "barrel" near the top of the baseball bat.


Step 5

Finish with a final layer of duct tape. In the same manner you wrapped more aluminum foil on the barrel of the bat, wrap more duct tape over the barrel as well. This will give a nice taper to the shape of the bat.


Create a duct tape ball to match by crumpling aluminum foil into a ball and then covering it with several layers of duct tape.