How to Fill Gaps Between Vinyl Floor Tiles

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Vinyl floor tiles are flexible and can be installed quickly, making them frequently used products among do-it-yourself homeowners.Vinyl tiles come in many forms, including those which, when butted together, leave a gap between them. This gap is meant to be filled with a special kind of acrylic grout which leaves the tiles more water tight. Grouting vinyl tiles takes more concentration than grouting hard tiles, as you need to avoid washing the grout back out of the shallow joints.


Some vinyl floor tiles require grout to fill the gaps between them.

Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Water

  • Grout Float

  • Pre-Mixed Acrylic Grout

Step 1

Scoop up a small amount of acrylic grout with the flat side of the grout float and place the grout on the floor at the junction of two tiles. A grout float is a hard, rubber tool with a handle, which is used to push and direct grout around the floor.


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Step 2

Hold the float at a 45-degree angle to the vinyl tiles and push the grout into the joints. Scrape the float and grout over the gap between the vinyl tiles from several directions to ensure that enough grout is packed into place. Tilt the float up toward a 90-degree angle to scrape the grout off the vinyl tile and direct it toward the gap.


Step 3

Wet a grout sponge in a bucket of water and squeeze the excess water out so the sponge is damp but not dripping. Place the flat of the sponge onto a vinyl tile and smooth the sponge over the tile in one direction. Flip the sponge over and run the clean side over the tile. Rinse the sponge and repeat until the tiles are clean. Take care not to run the sponge over the newly grouted joints, since vinyl tiles are thin, and the area containing the grout is shallow.

Step 4

Allow the grout to dry overnight before walking on the vinyl tiles.



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