How to Arrange Roses in a Rose Bowl

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Things You'll Need

  • Pebbles or glass beads

  • Flower food

  • Rag

  • Sharp knife or clippers

  • Filler or greenery

  • Floral twist tie

Spill greenery over the rim to create a natural, casual effect.
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You may want to reach for a floral form to control your rose arrangement's shape, but with a typical clear glass or crystal rose bowl, that's not an option. But you can create a rounded flower-top arrangement that mirrors the roundish bowl for a traditional domed look without the use of foam by using pebbles or glass beads at the bottom of the bowl.


Step 1

Add enough pebbles to the vase to form about a 2 inch layer on the bottom. The small rocks help to hold the rose stems in place.

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Step 2

Fill the rose bowl with water to about 2 inches from the rim.


Step 3

Add rose or flower food with valuable nutrients that help prolong the flowers' bloom time or longevity to the water. Use as much flower food as suggested on the packet for the amount of water in the container.

Step 4

Remove foliage or leaves that will be below the water from each rose stem. Grasp the stem near the blossom with one hand. Slide a damp cloth or dampened garden glove down the stem, pulling off the leaves with it, using the other hand, taking care with any thorns on the stem. Leave at least some leaves attached near the flower tops to create a more attractive, fuller-looking finish. But leaves allowed to sit in the water cause harmful microbial growth and water intake issues for the flowers.


Step 5

Cut off as much of the stem from each rose as necessary to fit the bowl's height, using a sharp knife or clippers. Gauge flower height by placing the vase near the counter's edge, and holding a flower against it, off the counter. Raise or lower the flower to estimate suitable stem length. Cut all rose stems the same length.


Step 6

Pull off any damaged or brown petals from the roses.

Step 7

Remove foliage that will sit below the water from any filler or greenery stems, using the same method as with the roses. Bunch the filler into a neat bouquet. Tie the stems together just below the leafy parts, using a soft, flower twist tie. Cut the stems to fit the bowl.


Step 8

Spread apart the greenery stems below the twist tie to form a tripod- or teepee-like stand. Place the greenery in the vase. The greenery stands act as a holder in which to insert the roses.

Step 9

Push a few rose stems into the greenery's center. These form the highest point of the rounded arrangement. Insert the rest of the flowers on angles working down toward the rim to complete an even-looking dome shape. Insert more greenery as needed to create a fuller look.


Use colored-glass beads instead of pebbles to create a different arrangement and look.

Opt for unusual fillers -- berry branches, lilies, leafy twigs or white baby's breath -- and choose different rose colors, such as orange, blue or lavender to create colorful and romantic or interesting and modern displays.


Pay attention when removing greenery from the rose stems to avoid snagging a finger on a thorn.


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