How to Use a Toe-Kick Saw

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Toe-kick saws can cut flooring underneath cabinet overhangs.

The primary use for toe-kick saws is for cutting through flooring underneath a cabinet overhang near the floor, called a toe-kick. The small blade on a toe-kick saw juts out from the side of the unit so that it can fit where a normal saw cannot. Because it is required to remove flooring under toe-kicks and since it is more than capable of cutting through wood or tile, many contractors use toe-kick saws for all flooring removal.


Step 1

Insert the blade of the saw under the toe-kick at a 45-degree angle and lower the unit to the floor.

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Step 2

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Step 3

Place your left hand on the forward handle and your right hand on the rear handle, near the trigger. The thumb of your right hand should be on the safety button on the side of the handle.

Step 4

Press in and hold the safety button and the trigger at the same time. When the motor starts to work, release the safety button. When the motor reaches full speed, tilt the saw to the right until it reaches the depth you need for the cut. Slowly push the saw forward to complete the cut. If you hear a grinding sound, the saw blade has contacted the concrete. Raise the blade by tilting the unit to the left.


Step 5

Release the trigger when the cut is complete. Wait until the blade stops moving, then release the saw before unplugging it and removing it.


Maintain a firm grip on the saw at all times.

Keep your hands away from the blade. Both hands should be on the handles.

Do not operate the saw if there is any visible damage to the cord, blade or unit itself.

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