How to Make Elmer's Glue Spray

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle

  • Elmer's glue

  • Water

  • Dish soap

Elmer's spray glue has a variety of uses including craft and building projects. It is also useful in building model cars and plains. Elmer's spray glue is extremely easy and inexpensive to make. Anywhere where a mild adhesive is needed, the spray glue will do the trick. Because this glue is water-soluble, clean-up is also very quick and easy.


Step 1

Combine equal parts glue and water in the spray bottle. Shake until they are completely combined.

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Step 2

Add 2-5 drops of dish soap to the glue mixture.


Step 3

Swirl the mixture gently with the tube from the the head of the bottle until the dish soap has been thoroughly mixed in.


Remove the sprayer from the spray bottle after each use and flush it out with warm water. Cover the bottle with plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep the glue from drying out. This will ensure that the nozzle does not get clogged. If you find that the nozzle gets clogged while you are using the glue spray, add a few more drops of dish soap. When in a pinch, you can use this spray as hair glue.


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