How to Paint With Sharpie Paint Pens

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Skip messy brushes by using a Sharpie Paint Pen.

Using a Sharpie Paint Pen to create art gives you the superior handling of a pen with the effect of paint on the paper. The paint in the Paint Pen is oil based and will stain fabrics and surfaces, but the paint will not bleed through paper or run off because it gives a thick, smooth application. The paint shows up on almost any surface, even wood, whether it's light or dark, and is resistant to water, fading and abrasion.


Step 1

Remove the cap from the Sharpie Paint Pen and hold it so that the tip of the pen is pointing up.

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Step 2

Press down the tip of the pen with your finger to relieve pressure built up inside the pen.


Step 3

Put the cap back on the Sharpie Paint Pen. Shake the pen vigorously to mix the paint, leaving the tip pointing up.

Step 4

Remove the cap from the pen. Press on the tip of the pen several times to release the paint.


Step 5

Press the tip of the pen against the surface you're painting. Press the tip of the pen again if the paint stops flowing, then continue painting.



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