How to Make a Paper or Fabric Cone

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Things You'll Need

  • Compass

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • 8 dressmaking pins

  • Paper glue or fabric glue

Paper cones for any occasion

Paper or fabric cones make beautiful centerpieces for a special celebration when filled with flowers or fruit. Make a stunning centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table by crafting a cone from Thanksgiving-themed fabric and filling with fresh fruit. Make paper cones as ice cream holders, or craft miniature fabric cones for unique party favors. Whether you are making a paper cone or a fabric cone, start with a basic circular cone pattern.


Step 1

Draw a large circle on paper with a compass and pencil. If you don't have a compass, use a large paper plate. The actual cone will be as tall as the radius of your circle, so choose the size of your circle accordingly.

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Step 2

Cut the circle out with scissors.

Step 3

Fold the circle in half, then fold in half again. Unfold the circle.

Step 4

Pin the paper circle to fabric (skip this step if you are making a paper cone), then cut out the fabric circle.


Step 5

Cut out one quarter of the paper circle, along the fold lines (if your paper circle is pinned to the fabric, cut out that also).

Step 6

Unpin the paper and fabric circles. Bring the two cut edges of the circle together to make the cone (overlap the edges to make a narrower cone).

Step 7

Glue the edges of the paper cone together and secure with dressmaking pins until the glue is dry.


Buy fabric stiffener if you are using flimsy fabric: spray the fabric and allow to dry before you assemble the cone.


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