Lucky Bamboo Pruning

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Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears

  • Moisturizer or candle

Keep lucky bamboo pruned to any size.

Lucky bamboo--or Dracaena sanderiana--is not bamboo. The lucky bamboo plant is a type of lily. You can grow lucky bamboo in water. It grows approximately 1 to 3 inches a year. The maximum height for lucky bamboo is 3 feet tall. You can prune the lucky bamboo plant to any height. If you purchase the plant in a small pot, you may need to keep it pruned low to avoid the plant tipping over. Place any shoots you cut off in a rooting hormone and a container of water to grow a new plant.


Step 1

Decide how tall you want to keep the lucky bamboo.

Step 2

Examine your lucky bamboo plant for thick nodes. They will look like rings around the stalk.

Step 3

Find a ring that is closest to the size you wish to keep your bamboo.

Step 4

Cut a straight cut 1 inch above the node, using the pruning shears. Do this for each stalk of lucky bamboo you need to cut.


Step 5

Allow the tips of the bamboo to dry out for three days.

Step 6

Rub moisturizer on the end or the plant to encourage regrowth. Rub a wax candle onto the end of the plant to stop growth.


The leaves of the lucky bamboo plant are mildly toxic.