How to Install Track Lighting in a Drop Ceiling

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Track lighting can be installed with a suspended ceiling by using an independent support clip that has a threaded bolt for a barrel nut. The suspended ceiling is supported from the ceiling by the independent support clip and the track lighting is then secured by the barrel nut. This will allow you to install track lighting to a suspended ceiling that is already installed. You can install track lighting in a drop ceiling by first determining the length of the track lighting needed.


Track lighting can be installed in a drop ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Independent Support Clip

  • Wire Covers

Step 1

Shut off the power to the room where you need to install the track lighting. Turn off the power by shutting off the breaker on the circuit panel.


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Step 2

Remove all of the ceiling tiles from the frame of the drop ceiling and determine where on the ceiling the track lighting will be installed. Locate the wire support that is securing the drop ceiling frame to the ceiling.

Step 3

Remove one of the wires on the section of frame, and then insert an independent support clip onto the frame. Retie the wire to the independent support clip to support the frame. Repeat this step for each row where you want to run the track lighting.


Step 4

Connect the electrical wire for the track adapter to the junction box. Twist together the white wires and place a wire cover on the wires. Repeat this step for the black wires. Secure the ground wire to the ground screw in the junction box with the screwdriver. Secure the adapter to the junction box with screws using the screwdriver.


Step 5

Insert the track for the track lighting into the adapter and onto the threaded bolts on the bottom of the independent support clip. Secure the barrel nut to the bolt by hand to secure the track. Continue installing the track and then go back and tighten the barrel nuts with the wrench.

Step 6

Insert the light fixtures into the track and position them to provide the required amount of light. Turn the power back on to test the track lighting.


Never attempt to work on any electrical wiring without first turning off the power to the room.


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