How to Paint Resin Chairs

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Things You'll Need

  • Ammonia-based cleaner

  • Rags

  • Paint thinner

  • Blue painter's tape

  • Heavy-duty fabric drop cloth

  • Krylon Fusion for plastic

Resin chairs are highly-resistant to paint adhesion.

If you want to paint a resin chair, you will have to employ a specific application strategy utilizing the correct type of paint, or you will see paint failure relatively quickly. Resin chairs are comprised of polyolefin resin, a slick, nonporous material that is highly-resistant to paint adhesion. Fortunately, there is a type of paint formulated to bond to resin. However, before you paint, you should know the correct way to prepare the chair to promote a smooth finish that will remain durable, overtime.


Step 1

Wipe the resin chair with an ammonia-based cleaning agent. Wipe the chair down with a rag dampened with paint thinner if the chair is brand new.

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Step 2

Allow the chair to dry. Cover areas of the resin you do not want painted with professional blue painter's tape.

Step 3

Move the resin chair to a well-ventilated area. Place it on a thick, fabric drop cloth.

Step 4

Shake the Krylon Fusion for at least two minutes, and then apply a coat to the resin chair. Hold the Fusion can 8 to 10 inches from the resin, and spray in a side-to-side sweeping motion. Apply several light coats until the resin is completely covered with paint. Allow 30 seconds of dry time between each coat.

Step 5

Remove the painter's tape immediately after you have finished painting. Wait one hour to handle the chair.


Although Krylon Fusion for Plastic dries within 15 minutes of application, it can take up to seven days for the paint to cure. For best results, wait a full week before using the finished resin chair.


Krylon Fusion is ideal for coating resin chairs. If you choose another brand of paint, study the label to make sure that it is formulated to coat resin plastic, or you will end up with paint failure.


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