How to Make Clear Acrylic Resin

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If you want to make a necklace pendant or charm by embedding objects or pictures, you will need to make some clear acrylic resin. The epoxy acrylic resin is most often used by jewelry makers because it is easier to work with and less toxic than polyester acrylic resin. You will need to follow the proper procedure and use the right tools to make sure that the acrylic resin comes out nice and clear without any trapped air bubbles.


Things You'll Need

  • Epoxy Resin Casting Kit (Including Resin And Hardener)

  • Measuring Cups

  • Plastic Cup

  • Wooden Stirring Stick

  • Collage Pendant

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Step 1

Buy an epoxy acrylic resin casting kit from a craft store. Get the kit if you are a beginner because the kit includes the resin, hardener and sometimes the disposable plastic cups and stirring sticks you will need. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

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Step 2

Read the instructions for your particular brand of acrylic resin for exact proportions to measure out when mixing the two parts. Depending on the amount of acrylic you need for your project, measure out the amounts in two separate measuring cups. Small medicine measuring cups are good to use for smaller amounts.

Step 3

Pour the resin in one measuring cup and the hardener in a different measuring cup. Pour both amounts into a disposable (non-wax-coated) plastic cup. Stir it up thoroughly but gently (to avoid making air bubbles) with a wood stirring stick. Let the mixture sit for about five minutes so it can compress and remove any air. Do not add any pigments.


Step 4

Pour the clear acrylic resin slowly into the collage pendant or silicone mold. Add just a small layer at a time to create a clear encasing for a layered collage pendant. The resin will take about three days to cure completely.



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