How to Teach Art to Seniors

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Teaching seniors art will be meaningful for both the instructor and the pupils. The instructor will be able to share art concepts with others. The seniors will gain knowledge about art that they can practice at home and turn into a recreational activity and will be able to take an art project home with them. To successfully teach art to seniors, you will need to ensure that the art lesson is a positive experience for everyone involved.


Step 1

Set up the classroom where you will be teaching the seniors so it is fully accessible to those who may have disabilities. Include tables that are high enough so any seniors in wheelchairs can sit comfortably at them.

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Step 2

Choose a lesson for the seniors that will teach one aspect of art and incorporate a project that they can complete and take home. For example, you can teach them about blending colors and have them paint a picture of a single object using their new knowledge of colors.

Step 3

Place the art materials for the seniors on their tables before the class starts. Some seniors may have difficulty carrying the materials back to their seats, such as those who are in wheelchairs or use walkers.

Step 4

Gather the seniors together and have them sit at their tables.


Step 5

Discuss the purpose of the lesson, the skills they will learn and the art project they will be completing. Write key points on the board.

Step 6

Demonstrate the art skills you will cover by briefly working on the same art project that they are going to complete.


Step 7

Have the seniors use their materials to complete the art project. Make sure you walk around to provide guidance and to help anyone who is having difficulty manipulating the materials.

Step 8

Ask the seniors to share their art projects with the class and to talk about the skills they have learned.


If you will be meeting with the seniors more than once, ask them what skills they would like to learn or what projects they would like to complete.

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