How to Lubricate Sliding Glass Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 flat-head screwdrivers

  • Rags

  • Denatured alcohol

  • Silicone spray

  • Small wood block

  • Hammer

  • Shop vacuum

Sliding glass doors are generally found in homes that feature outdoor patios, pools and decks. These doors can also be used to gain entrance to outdoor balconies. When functioning properly, these doors should easily slide to allow for quick access to the outside world. Many times, a sliding glass door will become filled with debris and dirt, and will require a thorough cleaning and lubricating to ensure that it opens effectively and efficiently.


Step 1

Remove the rollers in the bottom of the door by gently lifting them off the track with a flat-head screwdriver. This will not be difficult because the rollers are held down by the weight of the door.

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Step 2

Scrape off any dirt, debris or built-up hair on the rollers with a second flat-head screwdriver. Soak a rag in denatured alcohol and wipe down the rollers. Cover the rollers with a coat of silicone spray.


Step 3

Place the rollers back into access hole, making sure that each hole matches up with the roller's adjustment screws. Set a small block of wood on top of the roller and gently tap it into place with a hammer.

Step 4

Retract the rollers as far as they will go by gently pulling them back.


Step 5

Soak a rag with denatured alcohol and clean the head stop and its outside face. Cover them with a coat of silicone spray.

Step 6

Remove any debris found in the bottom track with a shop vacuum. Soak a rag with denatured alcohol and clean the entire bottom track.

Step 7

Cover the bottom track with a coat of silicone spray.


Denatured alcohol, which contains ethanol, is available at many pool supply and home improvement stores.



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