How to Thread Singer Sewing Machines

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Things You'll Need

  • Singer sewing machine

  • Thread

Sewing machine

Singer Sewing Machines have two standard threading systems. On newer machines, they may also come with an automatic needle threader. There are slight differences in the manual threading depending on the model you have. The instructions for the automatic needle threader is common to both. For further clarification, there are links to visual instructions in the Resources section.

Manual Threading: System One

Step 1

Check to see that you have two thread guides on the top of the machine left of center.

The one toward the rear is usually plastic. The more forward one is metal.

Step 2

Hand wheel on old sewing machine

Turn off the machine and raise the needle to its highest point by turning the hand wheel toward you.

Step 3

Pressure foot

Raise the pressure foot to release the tension of the thread.

Step 4

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin. If the pin is horizontal, be sure to put the pin cap on to keep the spool from being pulled off during sewing.

Step 5

Hold the thread with both hands. Snap the thread into the groove on the bottom of the back plastic thread guide. Bring the thread across the top of the guide to the right and snap it into the top groove.

Step 6

Bring the thread forward to the right side of the metal guide and pass it through the slot on the underside. Next, go through the upper slot of the same guide so the leading end of the thread ends up on the left side.

Step 7

Tension Dial

Pull the thread down through the groove, around the tension dial and up the left side. There are arrows to show you the direction. Make sure that the thread gets into the tension discs.

Step 8

Look for the thread take up lever at the top of the left groove. It has a slot on the top middle surface of the hook for easy threading. Just slide the thread along the top of it until it goes into the groove and then bring the thread forward.

Step 9

Pull the thread down 6 or 8 inches and slip it through the thread guide at the top of the needle. The guide opens in the back so you can slide it in easily.

Step 10

Pull out another 6 to 8 inches of thread and thread the needle.Go from front to back. It sometimes helps if you put the pressure foot down at this time so there is tension on the thread from above. This makes it easier to control the thread as you put it through the eye of the needle.

Manual Threading: System Two

Step 1

Check to make sure you only have one thread guide on the top of the machine left of center.

Step 2

Follow Steps 1 to 4 from the System One section.

Step 3

Bring the thread across to the metal thread guide from the right. Slip the thread into the slot on the top behind the round knob. Continue across the slot and bring the thread into the opening on the left side of the guide.

Step 4

Pull the thread forward. Follow Steps 7 to 10 in System One.

Automatic Needle Threader

Step 1

Look to see if you have an automatic needle threader. If you do, follow all of the directions above up until you have gone through the thread guide at the top of the needle.

Step 2

Check to make sure that the needle is all the way up. To the left of the top of the needle, there is a lever with a hook on it. Wrap the thread behind the hook and keep tension on the thread.

Step 3

Pull the lever down until the smaller hook goes into the eye of the needle. Bring the thread around the front of the needle until it catches in the small hook.

Step 4

Release the threader and the thread at the same time and the thread will automatically be pulled through the eye of the needle.

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