How to Make Perfect Ripped Jeans

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Things You'll Need

  • Jeans

  • Black washable fabric marker

  • Scissors

  • Sandpaper

Ripped jeans are popular and can be made at home.

Ripped jeans are a popular style that many celebrities have been photographed wearing. However, the jeans are not just meant for females. Men wear the style too. Some ripped jeans are pricey, but you can save money by making perfect ripped jeans at home.


Step 1

Choose an old pair of jeans that are worn in. Make sure the jeans are in style. The goal is to have a fashionable pair of ripped jeans, not just an old pair of jeans that are ripped. Today's styles include skinny jeans for women and slightly baggy jeans for men.

Step 2

Determine where and how many rips you want on your jeans. Look through magazines or online sites for photos of fashionably ripped jeans for ideas.

Step 3

Mark the area or areas you want ripped with a black washable fabric marker. Put the jeans on to make sure the areas you marked are correctly positioned. Adjust the marked areas if needed.


Step 4

Cut a tiny hole at every area you marked. Take the sandpaper and rub the holes vigorously to create the ripped, frayed look. Use the scissors to make your holes bigger if desired.

Step 5

Wash your jeans. After washing, put them in the dryer on the lowest setting for 10 minutes. Hang them on the line to dry completely.


Manage the look of your perfect ripped jeans by trimming any threads that grow long over time.

Your jeans will maintain their look longer if you avoid placing your jeans in the dryer on a high setting.


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