How to Make a Free Printable Banner

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Things You'll Need

  • Word-processing program

  • Printer paper

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Make your own banner.

Whether it's for a booth at the fair, a welcome home for a family member or a birthday celebration, a banner gets your message across in a big way. In a few simple steps, you can create and print your own banner in time for the occasion.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word, or another word-processing program, and click File/New. Search the New Document/Template list for banners, and select a banner from the projects list that is suitable for your occasion.

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Step 2

Select the text in the banner, and type in your own greeting or title. Adjust your font style, size and color in the font settings.

Step 3

Customize the decorative graphics in the template by clicking on them, then click on Insert/Clip art, and search for new graphics such as "border" or "party." If necessary, re-size and adjust the graphics' placement on the banner so your text is not blocked from view.


Step 4

Save and print your banner.

Step 5

Assemble your banner using tape to attach pages to each other in proper order. Trim edges if necessary. Use tape to attach your banner to a wall or other surface.


Consider creating and printing cards, posters or fliers to match your new banner.


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