How to Preserve Flowers With Spray

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Things You'll Need

  • Flowers

  • Clothes hanger

  • String

  • Hair spray

Preserve flowers and use them in home decor.

Preserving flowers allows you to enjoy their color and beauty long after they would have naturally wilted. Commercial companies will preserve your flowers by freeze-drying them, but you can achieve similar results by drying and spraying your flowers at home with hair spray. Learn to preserve your flowers for gifts, art projects and home décor.


Step 1

Pull all of the leaves from the flowers. This helps the flowers dry faster and keeps your dried flowers from developing a ragged look.

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Step 2

Cut the stems to fit your arrangement. They should no shorter than 6 inches, but can be as long as you like.


Step 3

Tie the ends of the flower stems to the clothes hanger so that the flower heads are handing upside down. Tie two or three individual flowers to each clothes hanger. If you are drying a bouquet, tie the flowers into a bundle first and tie one bouquet to each hanger.

Step 4

Hang the flowers in a dark closet and leave them there for two to three weeks. At that point, the flowers should be completely dry.


Step 5

Cut the string and release the flowers from the hanger. Take the flowers outside.

Step 6

Spray the flowers thoroughly with hairspray. The hairspray will dry almost instantly, and protect the dried flowers from moisture damage. Use the flowers in dried arrangements, art projects and home decor projects.


Use caution when drying the flowers or place them in an unused closet so that the blossoms don't break during the drying process.



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