How to Remove Super Glue From Wood Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Acetone

  • Rag

  • Nail polish remover

  • Terry cloth

  • Hobby knife

  • Sandpaper, various grits

  • Putty knife

When one of the stickiest substances known called Super Glue gets dropped on, falls on or otherwise gets stuck on to your wood floors, you may think it is time to panic. You certainly don't want to try to rub it off when it is still wet; that will only smear the glue and make it more difficult to remove later. Just allow it first to harden, then begin the removal procedure using one or more of these methods.


Step 1

Apply acetone to Super Glue that is on bare wood. It can be poured on to cover the stuck-on glob of glue. Acetone will soften and dissolve Super Glue, and then it can be wiped off with a rag. The bare wood will be no worse for the wear.

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Step 2

Dab nail polish remover with acetone on globs of Super Glue that are stuck to finished wood floors. Nail polish remover that is acetone-based will slowly dissolve the Super Glue. You want to use only enough to dab on the glue glob. Otherwise the acetone in the remover may affect the finish on the wooden flooring. Allow the dissolving Super Glue to be gently absorbed into an old piece of terry cloth.


Step 3

Cut down the glob of Super Glue carefully using a hobby knife. If you do not have access to an acetone-based product, this will be your best alternative. You will be able to trim little slices of glue off until you are nearly at floor level. Then use high-grit sandpaper, from 100 grit to 600 grit, and sand off the rest. Be careful not to sand into the finish of the wooden floor. Use a putty knife to carefully scrape off the rest.


If you are going to be sanding off the Super Glue, a viable way to keep the sanding level is to use a small sanding block. Just remember to sand slowly and delicately, especially if you are sanding on a finished wood surface.



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