How to Make Round No Sew Fleece Pillows

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Things You'll Need

  • Fleece fabric

  • Pencil

  • String

  • Dressmaker's chalk

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Round-headed pins

  • Stuffing

Turn fleece fabric into no-sew pillows

If you need a quick gift, or you're looking for a simple project to punch up your living room decor, make some round no-sew fleece pillows. The fleece fabric you will use to make your blanket doesn't fray at the edges, which eliminates the need for sewing hems and seams to prevent fraying. Fleece fabrics are available in a myriad of solid colors, sports team-inspired prints, whimsical floral and animal patterns, and graphic plaids, polka dots and stripes. The range of colors and prints means you can make fleece pillows to match any room's decor.


Step 1

Make a compass from a pencil, a piece of string and a piece of dressmaker's chalk. Cut a 20-inch length of string with a pair of scissors, and tie one end to the middle of the pencil and the other end to the center of the dressmaker's chalk. Wind the string around the pencil until the distance between the pencil and piece of chalk measures 13 inches.

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Step 2

Place two pieces of fleece, one on top of the other on your work surface and position the tip of the pencil at the center of the top piece of fleece. While holding the pencil in place, stretch out the length of string between the pencil and the chalk until it is taut. Continue holding the pencil in place, position the chalk on surface of the fleece and rotate it clockwise around the pencil to draw a circle. Allow the pencil to turn clockwise as you draw the circle. Once you finish you will have a circle that measures 26 inches in diameter.


Step 3

Twist the string around the pencil until the distance between the pencil and chalk measures 7 inches. Draw a second, smaller circle with the chalk. This circle will measure 14 inches in diameter. Remove the pencil and mark the center of the circle with the chalk.

Step 4

Stick round-headed pins through both layers of fleece every inch around the perimeter of the larger circle. Use a pair of sharp fabric scissors to cut along the larger circle's outline. Cut through both layers of fleece fabric at once.


Step 5

Mark every inch along the smaller circle's outline with the dressmaker's chalk, then line up the edge of your ruler so it sits against the circle's center point and against one of the 1-inch marks along the perimeter of the smaller circle. Use your ruler and chalk to draw a line from the smaller circle's outline to the edge of the larger circle. Repeat for every 1-inch mark on the smaller circle.


Step 6

Cut along the lines to create fringe around the edges, cutting through both layers of fleece at once. Remove pins when necessary. When you've cut along all the lines, remove any remaining pins.

Step 7

Hold together a piece of fringe from the top and bottom layer of fleece. This counts as one pair of fringe. Make a loop and feed the end of the fringe through the loop to create a loop. Pull tight to secure the knot in place and continue knotting the fringe until only four pairs remain untied.

Step 8

Fill the round pillow with stuffing until its firm and then knot the four remaining pairs of fringe to finish your pillow.


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