How to Make Things Out of Paper for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Large, round balloon

  • Newspaper

  • Paper mache paste or flour and water mixture

  • Masking tape

  • Cardboard

  • Bowls

  • Paint and brushes

  • Crepe paper or tissue paper

  • String or yarn

  • Scissors

  • Candy

Create a cute bunny pinata using paper mache.

Paper is one of the most versatile materials that can be used to make a wide array of arts and crafts, including origami, card making, scrapbooking, paper mache, and many others. You can create almost anything with paper mache, such as masks, hats, baskets, animals, and pinatas. You probably have all the materials needed to make creative paper mache projects laying around your home.


Paper Mache Bunny Pinata Instructions

Step 1

Cover the entire work area with newspaper, including the floor if you are working with small children.

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Step 2

Tear sheets of newspaper into 1 by 8-inch strips, and set them aside to be used later.

Step 3

Prepare the paper mache paste by mixing 1 part flour to 2 parts water in a large bowl. Continue mixing and adding more water or flour until the mixture is thick or the consistency of glue. Make sure there are no lumps.

Step 4

Blow air into the balloon until it is nice and firm. Close it by tying a knot at the end. Using the cardboard and scissors, cut out two ear shapes and tape each one to the top of the balloon. Place the balloon inside a round bowl to hold it in place as you work on the paper mache bunny.


Step 5

Dip strips of newspaper into the flour paste mixture and spread them onto the surface of the balloon, smoothing the strips as you go. Cover the entire balloon with the strips, leaving only a small hole at the top. The hole allows you to fill the pinata with candy; so make it big enough to push pieces of candy through. Allow the first layer to dry.


Step 6

Continue adding more layers of paper mache to your balloon, allowing each layer to dry before starting another layer. After the balloon is completely dry, pop it.

Step 7

Decorate your pinata by painting, adding features cut from construction paper, or any other desired technique to make your bunny.


Step 8

Add 3-inch squares of tissue paper to the bunny by spreading glue on the pinata. Grab all four corners of the tissue paper and stick the center of it onto the glue with the corners sticking up. (This step is optional, but it looks more store-bought.)

Step 9

Stuff the candy through the hole of the pinata until full (your preference). Hang your pinata by poking four holes spaced evenly around the original hole at the top. Thread yarn through each hole, tie the ends together at the top and tie another piece of yarn to the end.


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