How to Remove Terracotta Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Electric hammer-drill with concrete chisel bit

  • Masonry chisel (2-inch, flat)

  • Masonry hammer

Terracotta tile has been used for several purposes in just about every region of the world, and remains to be a commonly used material for pottery and floor tiles. These tiles can add a natural aesthetic to just about any environment, at a cost that is usually lower than other flooring materials. While terracotta tiles are typically strong, and durable enough to endure just about any foot traffic condition, they can deteriorate over time, just like any other flooring material. Removing terracotta tiles is a generally straightforward task that can usually be done by just about anyone, using only basic construction tools.


Step 1

Remove the grout from a joint between two terracotta tiles, using the electric hammer-drill with the masonry chisel bit, with the hammer-drill operation mode set to "hammer".

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Step 2

Remove the terracotta tiles, using the electric hammer-drill to chip away all mortar between the tiles and the floor. When removing the first tile, angle the hammer-drill so you can reach the mortar joint beneath the terracotta tile.

Step 3

Remove any remaining mortar on the floor, using the masonry chisel and masonry hammer.


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