How to Get Rid of Raven Birds

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Things You'll Need

  • Containers with lids

  • Bird spikes

  • Predators

Ravens are large, intelligent birds that can overwhelm an area with pure numbers.

People commonly put out bird feeders and bird seed to attract chirping, singing birds to their property. Although this seems like a good idea at the time, it can turn disastrous if you also manage to attract a group of ravens. These highly intelligent and aggressive birds can invade a property in large numbers and be a nuisance. Because they're so intelligent, getting rid of them can be more complicated than getting rid of other birds.


Step 1

Stop feeding all birds. Although this will drive songbirds away as well, the main reason ravens are coming to your yard is for food. Deprive them of this food to keep them from coming back.

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Step 2

Secure any pet food containers and garbage cans. Ravens are scavengers, and may move from your bird feeders to your garbage for food. Make sure containers have lids that are securely attached, and keep the area around containers clean.


Step 3

Put strips of bird spikes on any flat surface. Spikes are unsightly but will effectively keep ravens from landing, roosting or building nests. Since ravens are such large birds, you should buy large bird spikes. This will allow enough room for smaller birds to continue landing on the surfaces.


Step 4

Get a cat or dog. Although these animals may be too small to actually kill ravens, they will be effective at scaring ravens away from the yard and discouraging them from coming back.


Remove all bird nests you find in the area. Birds return to old nests year after year and will be less likely to return if those nests are gone.


Killing ravens is illegal in many areas.


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