How to Make a Jedi Robe & Tunic

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Brown fabric

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread

  • Chalk

  • Tan fabric

Grown men and young boys—even some girls—enjoy dressing up as Jedi masters for Halloween, costume parties or Star Wars conventions around the country. A Jedi robe and tunic can be adapted for any size person. This costume takes very little sewing; even an inexperienced seamstress can do it. Make this Jedi robe and tunic, add a light saber and you are set to go out as a Jedi Knight.



Step 1

Measure your body from the shoulder to the floor. Double that measurement and cut 2 lengths of brown fabric to this measurement.

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Step 2

Cut one of the lengths of fabric in half lengthwise so you have three pieces that are the same length.


Step 3

Lay out the uncut piece of fabric on a large, flat surface. Take one of the cut pieces and lay it on top of the uncut length with right sides together. Use pins to hold in place. Sew all the way down the length of the fabric. Repeat with the other cut piece of fabric on the other side of the uncut length.


Step 4

Turn under the edges of the robe at the long sides ¼ inch and again ¼ inch to hide the raw edges. Use pins to hold in place and sew down the entire length on both sides. Repeat with the short sides.

Step 5

Fold the robe in half widthwise with wrong sides together and lay on the floor. Cut out a half circle in the middle of the fold as an opening for the head.


Step 6

Lay on the robe with your arms outstretched. Have a friend help you draw lines with chalk 8 inches underneath your arms and away from your body, down to the bottom of the robe.

Step 7

Cut on the chalk lines and pin the two layers of fabric together. Sew around the chalk lines.


Step 8

Turn under the raw edges at the neck and pin in place. Sew the hem.

Step 9

Add a hood to the tunic by cutting a 1-foot-by-2-feet rectangle. Hem one of the long sides. Fold the rectangle in half and sew from one end to the corner. Turn the hood right side out.


Step 10

Attach the raw edge of the hood to the back of the robe with pins. Sew the hood to the robe.


Step 1

Cut two pieces of the tan fabric to measure 10 inches wide and 30 inches long.


Step 2

Turn under all the raw edges and pin in place. Sew around all sides to form a hem.

Step 3

Join the two lengths of fabric, one on top of the other with right sides facing out and forming an X just past the half-way mark, to form the back of the tunic. Use pins to hold the fabric in place at the X. Sew across the X to hold together.

Step 4

Drape the tunic over the shoulders and cross the unattached parts in front of your body to wear underneath the robe.


If you can find fabric wider than 70 inches, you only need to cut one length. Fold it in half widthwise and continue cutting out the robe.

Choose a fabric that flows nicely instead of something stiff for best results on your Jedi robe.


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