How to Turn Off the Traction Control on a Chevy Camaro

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The fifth-generation Camaro comes standard with traction control, but some fourth-generation models have it as well.

Resurrected in 2010 after an eight-year hiatus, the Chevrolet Camaro has a storied history. Recent Camaro models have included a feature called traction control. This feature reduces power to a spinning wheel, which helps you keep control in bad driving conditions. There are times you may want your wheels to spin, so Chevy provides a way for you to turn the system off. Some confusion exists on the fourth-generation model (1994 to 2002), because the traction-control system was called Accelerated Slip Regulation (ASR). Thus, it appears there is no traction-control off button.

Step 1

Move your Camaro's gearshift selector to "Park." If it's a manual transmission, move the shift knob to "Neutral" and set the parking brake. Leave the engine running.

Step 2

Locate the button between the center-air vent and the radio labeled "ASR." Press the button.

If your Camaro is a fifth-generation model (2010 to 2011), the button is labeled "TCS." This button is on the center console, in front of the gearshift selector.

Step 3

Inspect your odometer cluster. You should see a warning light that says "Trac Off" on fourth-generation models. On fifth-generation models, you'll see "TCS" with a line through it. This indicates the traction-control system is turned off.


Be careful when driving without traction control. The system can be a lifesaving feature.

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