How to Store Freeze Dried Food

Things You'll Need

  • Air-tight opaque glass or plastic container

  • Silica gel packet (optional)

  • Masking tape

  • Permanent marker

Opaque jars with latches and rubber gaskets seal out air and light.

The freeze drying process removes almost all the moisture from foods without forming internal ice crystals that rupture their cell walls. Storing freeze dried foods correctly prior to rehydration tends to retain the original flavor and texture. The absence of moisture makes it nearly impossible for bacterial growth to spoil freeze dried foods. Sealing freeze dried foods keeps out moist, air and insects. Freeze dried foods store longer in a contained environment that stays cool and dry.

Step 1

Lower the freeze dried food into a clean and dry air-tight opaque glass or plastic container. Freeze dried foods that come prepackaged in Mylar plastic bags should be placed in the container unopened. Adding a silica gel pack helps reduce the chances of condensation and moisture inside the container.

Step 2

Seal the air-tight container securely and affix a 3-inch strip of masking tape to its front.

Step 3

Write an expiration date on the masking tape five years into the future if the freeze dried food is opened and 20 years in the future if the freeze dried food is in its original packaging.

Step 4

Place the sealed container of freeze dried food on the shelf in a cool, dark and dry pantry with the expiration label facing out.


Store freeze dried foods in smaller servings inside multiple containers so that a single container is not being opened and resealed repeatedly.