How to Make a Homemade Pig Costume

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A Halloween pig outfit can be quite cute, whether it's a pig costume for adults, toddlers or even little babies. You can find plenty of these to buy online, but making a DIY pig costume is not all that complicated and it can be less expensive than purchasing one. You can achieve the right look with careful attention to details, including the ears, snout and that curly piggy tail.


Making a Homemade Pig Costume

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There are some excellent ideas out there for making a pig costume for a baby. Get a comfortable soft pink onesie, plus light and dark pink felt, fabric scissors, an elastic baby headband, a hot glue gun and floral wire. You will also need self-adhesive Velcro, safety pins, pink baby socks and pink acrylic paint. For the nose of the costume, cut out a circle from the felt and paint on two nose holes in black. You can attach this to the baby's pacifier, if the baby uses one. Avoid putting anything over the baby's nose or mouth.

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Then, cut out two hooves from the dark felt and attach them to the fronts of the socks with the hot glue gun. Moving on to the ears, cut out teardrop shapes from the light pink felt and slightly smaller ones from the dark felt; glue the second ones onto the light ones and attach them to the headband. For the tail, cut out two 6-inch by 1-inch pieces of the light pink felt, and a 6-inch piece of floral wire. Glue the felt onto the wire to cover it, twist it into a corkscrew shape and safety-pin it onto the back of the onesie.


Babies may be uncomfortable with that tail, but since they are usually laying or sitting down, you can omit it.

Toddler Pig Outfit Ideas

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A pig costume is also good for toddlers, and you can use a similar approach as that for a baby's pig costume. However, if the toddler does not use pacifiers, you can try painting on the pig face using a picture as a guide.


Alternatively, you could make a snout out of a coffee cup. Cut off the bottom and glue on the pink felt plus two pieces of black felt for nostrils. Cut holes on either side for breathing and two additional small holes to thread a piece of elastic through; you can then wrap the elastic around the back of their head.


Pig Costume for Adults

The easiest and fastest way to make a pig costume for adults is to get long-sleeved, light pink footie pajamas. To make the outfit, the only other things you need are black and pink felt, fabric scissors and elastic. Cut out 6 rectangles from the black felt, and take 4 pieces and put 2 on top of each other. Cut out double points for hooves and staple the ends together, making sure that your hands can fit in. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach the other two black felt pieces to the tops of the footie's feet.


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If the footie doesn't have a hood, make a pig head out of pink felt. Wrap a large, rectangular piece of pink felt around your head and connect the ends together with glue so you have what appears to be a very wide headband covering most of your head. Cut pieces of pink felt for the ears and attach them. Make the snout and tail in the same way as for the baby or child's costume, but make the tail longer and wider.


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