How to Dry Stargazer Lilies

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Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic container (with tight-fitting lid)

  • Pruning shears

  • Silica gel

Dry stargazer lilies using the desiccant method.

Whether your stargazer lilies were part of a bridal bouquet or you wish to preserve cut stargazer lilies from another floral arrangement, dry stargazer lilies using the desiccant method. By burying the stargazer lilies beneath silica gel, the desiccant will remove the moisture from the blossoms and leave them with a beautiful color and petals devoid of moisture so they will last indefinitely.


Step 1

Select a plastic container with a depth approximately 2 inches deeper than the stargazer lily blossoms.

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Step 2

Clip the stargazer lily blossoms from the stems so approximately 1 inch of stem extends out from the bottom of the blossom. Ensure the blossoms are at their peak of freshness and beauty when you clip them to produce the most beautifully dried lily blossoms.


Step 3

Pour 1 inch of silica gel into the bottom of the plastic container. Spread the gel around so it covers the bottom of the container evenly.

Step 4

Place the stargazer lily blossoms into the container on top of the silica gel, laying the blossoms on their sides. If you have enough room in the container for more than one blossom, ensure the blossoms do not touch each other (separate them by about 1 inch).


Step 5

Sift additional silica gel slowly and lightly over the blossom(s) in the container. Bury the blossoms completely in silica gel without changing the shape of the blossoms as you add the gel. Sprinkle the silica gel until the blossoms are beneath about ½-inch of silica gel in the container.


Step 6

Place the cover on the container and set the container aside in a place where no one will disturb it while the blossoms dry.

Step 7

Check the blossoms in the container after five days. The drying process is finished when you touch the blossoms and they feel dry. If you touch the blossoms and you still detect moisture, dry them for two additional days and check them again.


Step 8

Lift the stargazer lily blossoms out of the silica gel when the drying process finishes. Shake off any excess silica granules from the insides of the blossoms.



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