How to Clean a Leaf Blower Carburetor

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal pan

  • Carburetor cleaner (available at auto parts stores)

  • Compressed air (from compressor or can)

  • Clean rags

By the very nature of the environments they are used in, leaf blowers get very dirty. Flying leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris can eventually take a toll on performance if a regular and cleaning routine is not kept. Part of this routine should include a thorough cleaning of the carburetor. Keeping this all-important part of the leaf blower clean will lead to an easier starting, more powerful, and smoother-running machine.


Step 1

Remove the carburetor from the leaf blower. Fill a metal pan with carburetor cleaner and place the carburetor in the pan to soak for several minutes.

Step 2

Pick up the carburetor and allow as much of the cleaner to drain off as possible. Wipe the outside dry with a clean rag.

Step 3

Blow out any cleaner left in the passages of the carburetor, using pressurized air.

Step 4

Block the low and high mixture screw holes with your fingers, and spray carburetor cleaner through the pickup orifice. Blow air through the orifice to dry it, and reassemble the carburetor to complete the job.


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