How to Seal Jars With a Food Saver

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer offers two different sizes of jar sealer attachments to tightly seal both standard and wide-mouthed jars. While you can seal your own jars at home using this attachment, the FoodSaver company only guarantees that it will work on Kerr and Ball brand jars. Other brands of jars may not fit in the attachment correctly, which causes an improper seal and could lead to food spoilage.

Things You'll Need

  • Mason jar
  • Lid
  • Jar sealer attachment

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Step 1

Fill the Mason jar with food, leaving at least 1 inch of empty space between the food and the top of the jar.

Step 2

Place the lid on top of the jar. The screw band is not needed for vacuum sealing.

Step 3

Plug the FoodSaver vacuum sealer in.

Step 4

Insert the end of the jar sealer attachment cord into the hose port on the top of the FoodSaver.

Step 5

Push the jar sealer attachment down firmly over the top of the Mason jar until the entire rim of the jar is covered.

Step 6

Close the lid of the FoodSaver and lock it in place by pressing the locks located on both sides of the device.

Step 7

Hold down the "On" button. The light will turn on and the machine will start removing air from the jar.

Step 8

Release the "On" button when the sealing light goes out and the machine is quiet.

Step 9

Pull the jar sealer attachment off of the jar. The lid should be tightly sealed to the jar.


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