How Do I Attract Birds to My Bird Bath?

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Things You'll Need

  • Sand or gravel

  • Tree branches

  • Stones

  • Rocks

  • Small hose

Learn how to attract birds to a birdbath.

A birdbath will make a charming addition to your yard or garden and allow you the rare opportunity to observe many different species of wild birds close-up. You can buy a ready-made birdbath from a local garden supply store, or make your own from any shallow basin, such as a clay pot saucer, wooden salad bowl, hollowed part of a log, or pie plate. Learn how to attract birds to your birdbath so it will become their regular bathing spot.


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Step 1

Set your birdbath at ground level, where birds usually find water in nature.

Step 2

Place your birdbath in a location that is close to thick shrubs, trees or a fence, so birds feel secure in case they have to make a quick getaway from a predator, such as a cat.

Step 3

Keep your birdbath in a shady spot, which helps keep the water fresher and cooler. The branches of the trees also offer security to the birds in case they need to quickly escape any predators while in the birdbath.


Step 4

Put sand or gravel on the bottom of the birdbath to give the birds secure footing. Birds don't like slippery bottoms. Place a few stones or branches in the water so the birds can perch on them while drinking without getting wet.

Step 5

Fill the birdbath with water no higher than 2 to 3 inches deep in the middle and 1 inch at the edges, so the birds can ease their way in. Put rocks at the bottom of the birdbath if the water is too deep.

Step 6

Provide dripping water in your birdbath, which helps attract birds. Buy a small fountain designed for birdbaths at your local garden store or make your own by hanging a small hose that trickles water into the birdbath.


Step 7

Change the water in your birdbath every day or two to provide a safe bathing and drinking environment for the birds. Bathing birds leave behind droppings and dirty feathers, making the water unsanitary and potentially dangerous for other birds if it isn't changed frequently.


Keep the water in the birdbath full at all times to attract the largest number of birds.

If algae grows in your birdbath, clean it with a scrub brush and running water.


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