How to Make Jewelry Out of Cheap Forks

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Things You'll Need

  • Fork

  • Pliers

  • Tape

  • Vise

Use a fork to make fashionable jewelry.

Forks are bendable, cheap and easy to find. Forks can be made into jewelry with only a few supplies and some creativity. Adding fork jewelry to your wardrobe completes a bohemian, hippie look. As your skills improve, try adding beads and other embellishments to the prongs of the forks before bending.


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Step 1

Wrap several pieces of tape around both sides of the nose of your pliers to ensure that the pliers do not scratch the fork.

Step 2

Choose your fork. Forks are easy to find at thrift stores and general stores. Cheaper forks will bend easier and sterling silver forks are the most difficult to bend. In the beginning it is always best to use a cheap, easily-bendable fork as you learn the craft. When you are more confident in fork jewelry making, use better quality forks to make nicer pieces.


Step 3

Hold the fork in place in the center with a vise and tighten the grip. Using a vise to grip the fork gives your more stability when bending the fork.

Step 4

Bend the fork using pliers into the shape that you would like. The easiest jewelry to make with forks is a bracelet. To make a bracelet, bend each end of the fork towards the center. Remove the fork from the vise and try it on your wrist to see whether you need to resize it.

Step 5

Bend the prongs of the fork with the pliers into creative shapes, such as spirals or twists. You could also add beads to the prongs and twist the prongs together.


Step 6

Create alternative shapes and styles of jewelry. Curl both ends of the fork into the center tightly and you have a medallion that can be worn on a necklace. Add additional bent forks to create a multi-layered necklace.