How to Keep a Clean and Organized House

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Keeping a clean home requires routine maintenance.

Having a clean, organized home might seem like an impossible dream. This is because life sometimes gets in the way of your chore list. It can be especially difficult to keep a home full of young children or busy teenagers looking its best. However, the trick to maintaining an orderly home is finding a place for everything and making routine efforts to clean up as you go. A de-cluttered and organized home is not as hard to achieve as it may seem.


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Step 1

De-clutter your home. Your home might be overrun with things you do not need. This could contribute to the difficulty of keeping the space clean. Donate or discard anything that you do not need. If you are having a hard time letting go of some items, consider storing them in an attic, basement or storage unit.

Step 2

Make cleaning a part of your routine. Simple gestures will make a difference. For example, clear off counter tops of food or cooking messes as soon as the meal is over. Also, clean up as you are cooking to lessen the burden. As soon as you complete a task, put things away. For homes with children, a chore chart detailing responsibilities of each family member could be a useful solution.


Step 3

Dedicate 15 minutes every day to a whole home tidying session. Along with putting items away after use, washing dishes after they are finished and cleaning up when they make a mess, all family members should be involved in keeping an orderly home. This will make more thorough cleanings easier to accomplish.

Step 4

Designate spaces in the home for specific functions. Sometimes rooms can be used for too many things and become difficult to keep in order. For example, a dining table can double as a craft station or home office. Create division in your space to keep the different tasks separate from one another. Having a place for everything, or at least an easy storage solution so that items are as easy to put away as they are to take out, is the best way to keep your home organized.