How to Remove an Old Bathtub Faucet With No Screw

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Cloth

  • Pipe wrench

Double check the spout for a screw

Removing a bathtub faucet with no screw is not as difficult as it may first appear. Many people refer to the bathtub spout as the bathtub faucet. Older bathtub faucet spouts screw onto the bathtub plumbing. Before attempting to unscrew the spout, it is a good idea to make doubly sure no screw is securing the bathtub faucet spout. The screw may be hidden from view under the spout.


Step 1

Feel under the spout near the wall for a hole. The set screw is hidden inside the hole. Insert a Phillips-head screwdriver into the hole and turn the set screw counterclockwise. Remove the screw and pull the bathtub faucet spout away from the wall.

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Step 2

If your bathtub spout has no hole or screw, place a cloth over the top of the spout The cloth will protect the finish of the spout if you are going to reuse the spout.

Step 3

Put a pipe wrench on the middle of the spout with the handle pointing to the left. Depending on the plumbing, your bathub faucet spout may screw on near the front or near the wall. By placing the wrench in the center of the spout you will be distributing pressure evenly.

Step 4

Turn the bathtub faucet spout counterclockwise with the pipe wrench until you can twist the spout by hand. Remove the wrench and finish unthreading the spout by hand and remove it from the wall.


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