How to Cut Pirate Pants

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Things You'll Need

  • Old pair pants

  • Scissors

  • Chalk

Every pirate needs proper pants.

Pirate costumes are popular Halloween choices for many children and adults. They can be modified for males and females alike and work very well for couples' or group costumes. You can make your family or group of friends into a pirate crew, including a few officers, some scalawags and a pirate wenches. Pirate costumes are also popular for Renaissance Faires, other reenactment events and plays. While an old bandanna and an oversized work shirt are perfect for headgear and a pirate shirt, but the pants can be a problem. Pirates did not wear jeans or khakis and purchasing costume pants can be expensive. Make them yourself, at home, with just a few supplies.


Step 1

Find an old pair of pants, ones that you don't wear any longer. You can also find old pants very cheaply at thrift and second hand stores. Black, dark blue, red, grey, or any of these colors with pinstripes works very well. Wash and dry them.

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Step 2

Put on your pants and decide where you want them to end on your legs. Men's trousers during the height of pirate activity hit just below the knees. Make a small chalk mark on either leg just below the knees. You will not need to hem them.


Step 3

Using your chalk mark as a guide, draw a jagged line across each pant leg. Make the lines as crazy or sedate as you like, according to your pirate's personality.

Step 4

Cut your pants along your chalk lines, gently unraveling the cut ends to make the pants look especially old and worn.


Stitch your pant legs just above the unraveled part to prevent them from unraveling completely. Use the cut away pant leg ends to make a corset, arm bracers or patches for other parts of your costume. Make colorful patches for your pants with remnant fabric if your pirate is especially grungy.



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