How to Buy Pellets for a Pellet Burning Stove

Buy pellets to heat your home.

Energy conscious consumers want to depend less on utility companies as much as possible to provide energy to their home. One way to do this is by using a pellet burning stove. Pellets are small pieces of wood that you can burn in a pellet burning stove to heat your home, or at least a portion of your home. The type of pellets you buy will impact the efficiency of your stove. In addition, during cold seasons when there is high demand, it may be impossible to buy pellets because they are sold out. Knowing where to buy pellets is important if you use a pellet burning stove.

Step 1

Learn about the different grades of wood pellets. There are three different grades, each determined by the amount of ash the pellets produce. Top grade wood pellets are hardwood and produce less ash, which means less maintenance on your pellet burning stove. Low grade wood pellets are soft woods, like pine, and create the most ash, which means more maintenance.

Step 2

Check your local hardware store to buy pellets. Of the three different grades of pellets, you'll usually find the middle grade at hardware stores. If there is a wood pellets shortage and you have a hard time trying to buy pellets, check the suppliers list from the Pellet Fuel Institute (see Resources) for a list of wood pellets suppliers.

Step 3

Stock up on pellets to make it through the winter. How many wood pellets you burn depends on your climate, but generally a homeowner who burns wood pellets 24 hours a day will need about 150 40-pound bags of pellets to last through the winter.

Step 4

Monitor the qualities of wood pellets before you buy them. In addition to the grade of the pellet you should consider, look at the dimensions. Wood pellets that are no longer than 1½ inches and no wider than 5/16 inch produce predictable heating qualities ideal for a pellet burning stove. In addition, check the level of chlorides when you buy wood pellets. Higher salt content can cause your pellet burning stove and the vent to rust more quickly than wood pellets with a lower salt content. Make sure there's no more than 300 parts per million when you buy pellets.

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