How to Play the Baby Shower Game Guess the Mommy's Tummy Size

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Guess the mother-to-be's tummy size and win a prize in this baby shower game
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This game is always a hit at baby showers. You are going to have everyone guess the size of the mommy-to-be's tummy, and the person with the closest guess wins a prize.


Step 1

Start by having the mom-to-be stand in front of the room so everyone can get a good look at the size of her belly.

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Step 2

Next you will pass around the scissors and yarn to everyone in the room. Each person cuts off a piece of yarn at the length that they believe her belly is now. Some likely will cut very short, others will cut very long. It's often humorous watching the guests make their guesses.

Step 3

When the guests have made their cuts, wrap a different colored yarn around the mom-to-be's belly right at her belly button. Cut off the piece and hold it up, showing everyone how big her belly really is.

Step 4

Walk around the room holding up the correct size string and comparing it to everyone's string. Bring the closest one along with you to keep track of who is doing the best.

Step 5

The guest who came the closest to the actual length wins the prize.

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