How to Program Alphabet Letters on a Bernina Sewing Machine

Creating lettering on garments can easily be done with a Bernina Sewing Machine. Certain machines, such as the Bernina Activa 145 or the Bernina Activa 240, have all the letters of the alphabet in the sewing machine's memory. All the letters can be programmed into words with punctuation marks. Sentences can even be programmed if there is enough room on the garment.

Programming letters can be done on a Bernina sewing machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Bernina sewing machine with letter capability

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine needle appropriate for the fabric

  • Garment

Step 1

Open the memory function by pressing the "Mem" button after the machine has been turned on.

Step 2

Find the button with the capital "A" and press it to open the Alphabet feature. Scroll to find the letter or number that is needed. Press the arrow going right to pick out a letter. If a foreign letter is needed, keep scrolling until a particular character is found. Once the letter is chosen, press the "Mem" button again to place the letter in the sewing machine's memory.

Step 3

Adjust the length or the width of the stitch to create longer or shorter letters. All the letters will be affected. If only one letter is needed to be a certain size, set only that letter into memory.

Step 4

Save any combination of letters in the alphabet to memory for finishing multiple garments quickly. By saving the sentence or word to memory, it is easily pulled up and sewn on the garment without having to spell it out multiple times.

Step 5

Remove letters of a word or a sentence by scrolling the programming memory to find the particular letter or word combination. Then, scroll left or right to find the letter that needs to be deleted and press the "Clr/Del" button to delete the letter. Continue until all the letters are deleted.