How to Print on Rose Petals

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Things You'll Need

  • Rose petals

  • Markers

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paint brush

  • Book

  • Resin (optional)

Rose petals

A rose is a symbol of love and romance. But it has become somewhat commonplace and cliche to give and receive the flowers. Rather, put a twist on the rose by snipping off the petals and writing a message or drawing a picture onto the petals. It takes more time, but the creative effort can lend a whole new level of romance and originality to any gift or Valentine's day gesture.


Step 1

Pick light colored roses, such as white, pink and orange. Alternatively, choose dark colors such as red if painting with light colors.

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Step 2

Use fine point markers. Permanent markers work best. Be sure to use a felt-tipped marker that does not have an ultra-fine tip or it will tear the petal.


Step 3

Pick out a message or symbol to print. Since the petal itself is small, pick a simplistic symbol or a single word.

Step 4

Flatten the rose petal by inserting in a hardback book. Leave it for two to three hours so that the petal will be flattened enough to write on. The flat surface will also make the ink and/or paint easier to absorb.


Step 5

Print onto the petal softly. Since it is a delicate surface, do not apply too much pressure. Simply let the ink or paint flow onto the petal's surface. After painting or printing, let the ink or paint dry. If painting, use a fine-tipped paint brush with acrylic paints.


Apply a thin coat of resin onto the petal to preserve the rose along with its message. Or use the petals in a collage to make a single message.


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