How to Make Beaded Foot Jewelry for The Beach

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If shoes rank highly as your favorite accessories, you will love these "barefoot sandals". Beaded foot thongs or barefoot sandals are glamorous, sexy adornments, seen on naked feet from the French Riviera to the beaches of St. Kitts. These are REQUIRED accessories for beach weddings. Barefoot sandals are easy and inexpensive to make. Even for the novice crafter, this jewelry can be made in less than an hour. Depending on the beads you select, a pair of these barefoot sandals may cost less than $3. Boutique prices may be thirty times as much. At this price, you can make a pair to go with each of your favorite swimsuits or beach outfits!


Things You'll Need

  • medium weight clear elastic beading string

  • various beads

  • cotton tipped swab, like Q-tip

  • superglue

Step 1

ASSEMBLE SUPPLIES: For this craft project, no special tools are needed. For each barefoot sandal, cut one piece of beading elastic, approximately 30" long. Using the cotton tipped swab, put a little super glue on the ends of the elastic (about 1") to stiffen the ends. This will make it easier to put on beads. Allow to dry thoroughly. This will only take a couple minutes.


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Step 2

OVERVIEW OF THE STEPS FOR MAKING BAREFOOT SANDALS: -make toe loop in the center or the beading elastic -join ends of the elastic and string beads on double strings to make the upper part of the barefoot sandal -separate the strings to make each side of the anklet -tie the strings together (They will join at the back of the ankle, just above the heel.)


Step 3

SELECT YOUR BEADS: See link below for help with selecting colors for making beaded jewelry. Use beads with large enough holes to easily pass your beading elastic through the center. I like to use 6/0 size seed beads. You will find excellent sites for buying beads online in links and associated ads.


Step 4

BEGIN STRINGING YOUR BEADS: For the simplest beaded foot thong, begin by stringing seed beads onto elastic, about 3" long. Bring the two ends of the elastic together and put both ends through a single bead. Slide the bead to join the string of beads to make a loop. This will be the toe loop for your barefoot sandals.


Step 5

MAKE THE UPPER PORTION OF THE SANDALS: Pass both elastic pieces (strings) through the beads you have chosen for the upper portion of the sandals. Depending on your foot size, this will be 3" to 5" long.

Step 6

FINISH ADDING BEADS: For the anklet portion of your sandals, separate the strings and begin adding beads to each side. The design should be symmetrical. When you have added enough beads so that the anklet fits snugly, but not too tight, you are done beading.


Step 7

FINISH MAKING THE SANDALS: Tie the two ends of the strings to complete the anklet. After tying, thread about and inch of the tag ends of the beading elastic through adjacent beads to the left and right of the knot. Cut off leftover elastic. Put some superglue on the knot and dry thoroughly.


Light colored beads, gold, and silver, really show off a great tan.


Use smooth beads for the anklet portion, especially in the areas where the anklet will be over the bones on the inside and outside of your ankle.



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