How to Change the Oil in Honda Rincon

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Things You'll Need

  • Rag

  • Drain pan

  • Ratchet set

  • Allen wrench

  • New oil

Changing the oil keeps an engine purring.

The Honda Rincon is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Like any other vehicle, it requires oil to run the engine properly. Changing the oil for the Rincon is not complicated, but it will require a few tools.

Step 1

Park the ATV on flat ground and let the engine cool. Look under the engine and locate the oil tank's drain plug; it looks like a metal nut.

Step 2

Twist off the oil cap on the left side of the engine. Place the oil drain pan under the engine. Clean the drain plug and around it with a wet rag.

Step 3

Remove the drain plug using the ratchet set. Allow all of the oil to drain out; give the process at least 5 minutes.

Step 4

Replace the oil tank drain plug and tighten it with the ratchet set. Remove the small screw on the side of the oil tank using the Allen wrench.

Step 5

Place the funnel into the the oil tank through the hole where the cap was. Pour new oil into the funnel. Look for oil to start coming through the small hole where the small screw was; when it does, stop adding oil and replace the screw. Tighten it using the Allen wrench, then replace the oil cap.


Your owner's manual will detail the type and amount of oil you need.

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