How to Clean a Ring With a Pearl & a Diamond

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Things You'll Need

  • Jeweler's cloth

  • Flannel cloth

  • Dish washing detergent

  • Small brush

If your diamond and pearl ring is looking dingy or dirty, a cleaning is in order. Cleaning a ring with a pearl and a diamond must be done carefully. While the diamond is a stone that can withstand many chemicals, the pearl is a soft stone that can't. Strong chemicals and many jewelry cleaning machines aren't suitable for pearls. It is, however, possible to get your ring clean without damaging the stones.


Step 1

Clean the ring daily using a jeweler's cloth. This will minimize the amount of dirt and grime on the ring. Alternatively, you can dampen a flannel cloth with warm water to clean the ring.

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Step 2

Mix one teaspoon of gentle dish washing detergent in one cup of warm water. Mix until sudsy.

Step 3

Soak the ring in the mixture for five minutes.

Step 4

Dampen a small brush, like an eyebrow brush, with the solution.

Step 5

Scrub the ring gently using the small brush, dipping it into the mixture as often as necessary.


Step 6

Rinse the ring off with warm water.

Step 7

Wipe dry with a clean piece of flannel or jeweler's cloth.


If the ring is really dirty, go to a jeweler to have it cleaned. Using strong chemicals or "sonic cleaners" at home on a pearl may damage the stone and/or the settings. Check the stones on the ring to ensure they aren’t loose before cleaning the ring or wearing it. If any stones are loose, have a jeweler reset them.


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