How to Attach to a Cinder Block

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Things You'll Need

  • Cinder block wall

  • Drill and masonry bit

  • Alligator anchor

  • Hammer

  • Hex head screw with washer

  • Ratchet and socket to fit hex head screw

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A cinder block is a building material made of concrete and coal cinders that is typically hollow. Cinder blocks are a cost effective and sturdy building material used for residential and commercial construction. Cinder blocks are stacked and overlapped to form exterior and load bearing walls. It may be necessary to periodically anchor an object to a cinder block wall. This is a process requiring a few basic tools and may be accomplished by most people.


Step 1

Mark the desired location for the hole on the cinder block. Consider any electrical or communication wiring before drilling. Mark the drill point with a pencil or permanent marker.

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Step 2

Insert a masonry drill bit into the chuck of a drill and tighten. The drill bit should be the same size as the Alligator anchor being used. Locate the diameter on the anchor itself or its packaging.


Step 3

Drill a hole for the Alligator anchor in the cinder block wall. Use the drill and masonry bit to drill a hole in the block that will accommodate the anchor.

Step 4

Position the anchor into the hole in the cinder block. Use a hammer to drive the Alligator anchor into the hole. Insert the anchor until the flange rests against the cinder block wall.


Step 5

Insert a hex head screw and fender washer through the item to be secured to the wall. Place the point of the screw in the Alligator anchor and finger tighten into place. Use a ratchet and socket to turn the screw and washer down tight against the object and the cinder block wall.


Apply a small amount of wax to the threads to act as a lubricant while inserting the screw.


Wear safety glasses while installing anchors in cinder block to avoid potential eye injuries.



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