How to Make an Ice Luge Stand

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Things You'll Need

  • Block of ice

  • Chainsaw

  • Carving utensil

  • Warm water

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An ice luge stand holds a block of ice that has two pathways from the top to bottom. Although any measured quantity of liquid can be poured from the top, most people pour liquor, which travels from the top down to the bottom of the ice block, and is dispensed into a person's mouth. An ice luge stand is usually seen as an attractive feature at a party to add additional fun and entertainment.


Step 1

Purchase a large block of ice from a dealer or a wholesale. You can also check the Internet for ice distributors who specialize in making ice that can provide blocks in various sizes. Blocks of ice can range anywhere from 100 pounds to more than 200 pounds.

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Step 2

Make your own ice block if you prefer to save money. Get a long, wide plastic container. Fill it up with water. Bottled spring water would be a good choice to ensure that the slide is clear and clean. Put this in the freezer until the water turns into a block of ice.


Step 3

Cut the block at a 30 to 45 degree angle with a chain saw. This is to make sure there is a slant so the liquid can easily flow from top to bottom.

Step 4

Use a magic marker and draw winding lines down the block. There doesn't have to be a specific way to do this but the less curvy the path is, the faster the the liquid will be transported from beginning of the path and into the drinker's mouth.


Step 5

Use an ice chipper, a spoon or another sharp carving utensil to carve out the lines. Narrow the paths as you get toward the end of the path to make sure that the drinker can consume a moderate amount of liquid.

Step 6

Pour warm water down the paths to smooth them out.


Step 7

Carve a lip into the ice at the end. This is to make sure that the drinkers have a place to put their mouth on.

Step 8

Test out the luge. Have a friend put his mouth at the end of the ice block paths. Stand at the beginning and pour a small amount of drinkable liquid from the top. If the liquid flows smoothly down through the paths and into the drinker's mouth, then the ice luge will be successful made. Put the ice luge on a elevated place, such as a table, to finish the ice luge stand.


Use a towel underneath the ice luge to make sure that the liquor does not spill and make a mess on the floor.


Make sure there is always adult supervision when handling large blocks of ice or using power tools.


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