How to Adjust an American Standard Toilet Valve

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The toilet valve is responsible for controlling the flushing level and the amount of water within the toilet bowl. If you notice your American Standard toilet continues to run once the bowl has been filled with water or if it does not flush correctly, the toilet valve may need to be adjusted. The American Standard toilet valve can be adjusted with a few steps to ensure the toilet works properly.


Step 1

Remove the top cover of the American Standard Toilet and place the cover on a towel on the floor to prevent the cover from falling and breaking and protect your floor from scratches.

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Step 2

Find the flapper ball inside the toilet's tank; the flapper ball is identified by an inflated ball that is connected to a long rod and chain.

Step 3

Unclip the chain from the flapper ball. The chain is connected to the flapper using a small clip that unhooks when depressed.

Step 4

Fold over a few links of the chain to shorten the length. Replace the clip on the chain.


Step 5

Gently replace the cover on top of the toilet and test the toilet valve by flushing it. If needed, lengthen or shorten the chain until the valve is properly positioned.

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