How to Repel Birds From Power Lines

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Things You'll Need

  • Visual repellent device

  • Sound repellent device

  • Ladder

  • Long pole

Birds can be delightful creatures to watch as they fly through the sky or eat at bird feeders. And while most people try to attract birds to their yard, there are some times when repelling birds is necessary. Repelling birds from live power lines is critical as the birds can get electrocuted, which not only kills the bird, but can short out the electrical system. They also build nests near the power lines which can cause a fire hazard.


Step 1

Install a visual repellent device on top of power poles that scares the birds away. These devices may resemble larger birds of prey, such as hawks or eagles. They are also available with eyes that glow or with moving heads that prevent birds from coming near the power lines.

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Step 2

Install sound repellent devices on top of power poles as well as along the ground underneath them. Sound repellent devices emit a high-pitched chirp on a continuous basis. The chirp is designed to mimic a distress sound of a bird, thus preventing other birds from entering the area.


Step 3

Remove all nests and signs of roosting within the general area of the power line. This includes nests in trees located near the line as well as in the roofs of surrounding homes or buildings. A ladder and long pole will be needed for the proper removal of the nests. Removing the nests encourages the birds to relocate to another area away from the power lines.



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