How to Fix a Toilet That Won't Unclog

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Things You'll Need

  • Plunger

  • Soap

  • Auger

  • Drain-cleaning gel

The sight of your toilet water rising ominously toward the mouth of the bowl, and not retreating through the pipes, can be frightening. Once the danger of an overflow is avoided, however, thoughts quickly turn to attempting to unclog the drain to prevent another potential mess. Curing some clogs is a simple matter of taking a plunger to the bowl, and while this is not a cure-all, there are other avenues to pursue should your clog persist.


Step 1

Terminate the flush early if possible when you see water begin to back up by removing the lid of the tank and pressing the rubber stopper in place to prevent more water from entering the bowl.

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Step 2

Place the suction end of the plunger at the bottom of the bowl, slowly depressing it, then pulling it up swiftly.

Step 3

Prepare a mixture of hot, soapy water and pour it into the bowl of the toilet, being sure not to pour so much it overflows, and allow the water to slowly drain. The hot water as well as the soap can help soften up and unclog the toilet.


Step 4

Insert the auger if the plug persists. Place the auger bit end into the opening at the bottom of the bowl, and feed the auger through the pipes until you reach the block, then turn the crank to create a drilling action in the auger bit.


Avoid flushing the toilet if you believe it to be blocked and have not taken a step to remedy it. If it begins backing up once, do not simply allow it to settle, then flush again in the hopes a second flush will clear the block, as it rarely does, and risks overflow.

Use a drain-cleaning gel if your clog persists through all other options.